Keith Walcott – Guitarist

Nevada Hadary

Trinidadian born Caribbean guitarist Keith Walcott has been in the Music Industry for over 60 years.
Coming from a region of Multi-cultural music sharing, Keith is equipped with all the Caribbean music styles and genres.  From the Calypsos, Latin Soca, Reggae to Funk,
Rock to R&B all feed into Keith’s jazz language and sensibility. His unique groove style is intuitive, rustic and sophisticated.  What is good for the groove is good for the soul.  Keith has collaborated with song writers, musicians and producers all over the world.  His dedication to the creative and improvisation has won the admiration and respect from the best of musicians David Boothman from Caribbean Renaissance Jazz Ensemble, Wayne Kirton, Delmar Brown, Dawlette Ahee to name a few.  Keith’s mojo working guitar riffs and rhythm is infectious, hearing it, you will move, dance and be transcended.

“Walcott has that playful, raw gritty pulse at ease with the tension (pun intended) – of atonal dominants and chromatics. He intuitively moves swiftly in his grooving riffs and familiar melodies like stories as he improvises.  “Tension” – what a play of an ethno relative feed motif …  Walcott’s ease on Shadow’s “Tension” is eclectic and electrifying.“ DB for LITBP’s Song Portrait.